Jotxs y Recuerdos (JYR) is a podcast dedicated to archiving queer stories from the Rio Grande Valley and borderlands. 

Alexandra Nichole Salazar-Vasquez, the host of JYR, was inspired to create this podcast after seeing polaroids of her parents at gay clubs in the 90s, stories of the queer/trans folks she grew up with, and queer histories.

The first episode aired in the summer of 2016. Since then, jotxs y receurdos has been featured in REMEZCLA, Spectrum South, Fierce by mitú,  HipLatina, and Autostraddle.

Jotxs y Recuerdos serves as a digital resource and archive of a queer past, present, and future. The podcast aims to keep the DIY spirit of punk zines alive.

Listen to us on: Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, or on our Episodes tab. (all podcast platforms)

contact: jotosyrecuerdos@gmail.com